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TLC is an online health hub, dedicated to providing authentic wellness solutions for the benefit of the whole family. The integrative approach of TLC means that all information published has a mind-body connection which is the basis of longevity. Data, coupled with practical steps, creates a valuable experience so individuals and families can upgrade their physical and mental health immediately, where ever they are. Now, more than ever, people are realising the importance of daily health. There is no time like the present to look after your and your family's physical, mental and emotional well being. The question is, what to do? There is so much information available in all of our media sources today but which remedy, modality, treatment, supplement, eating plan is right for you and your family? Understanding the confusion that abounds due to information overload, TLC has done the research for you. The Longevity Channel presents natural health solutions with the most effective long-lasting transformation available, shared by leaders in the industry of health and wellness. Followers of The Longevity Channel can receive their healthy download in a variety of ways. Information will be sent out via newsletters, posted on the TLC blog and vlog page as well as published on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The highlight will be a monthly webinar where the health and wellness experts will discuss the month's topic. Leading up to the webinar is a 21 day health and wellness challenge which is guided on a Facebook group. Prizes of supplements, books, courses and sessions are supplied by the health professionals featured on the webinar. The message of The Longevity Channel is clear, 'your health is your greatest asset'. By investing into your body with the currency of wellness, your holistic being will reap the rewards of longevity. You can subscribe to TLC through this link: www.thelongevityco.co.za

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